Saturday, April 19, 2014

Darker Than Amber

Emerging from the wreckage of her ruined past Amber Michaels departs Florida and hurtles toward an uncertain future. Often she wonders what happened to the wives of the men that she had victimized. Curiousity swells into obsession and, one by one, she hunts the women down. Amber enjoys torturing her prey, most of whom have never experienced anything beyond their trifling lives in the suburbs. These ladies face a more palatable fate than their past spouses: instead of drowning in the ocean they become addicted to the sex games inflicted on them by Amber. Parker City resident Tanya Hamilton, whose husband vanished at sea ten years earlier, proves difficult to conquer. She puts up a more determined fight than most. Amber attempts to subdue Tanya with numerous wrestling holds, violent spanking, and sexual stimulation. The physical brutality of the battle exhausts both participants. Amber summons even more hatred from the depths of her blackened soul. She will create a maelstrom of degradation, exhilaration, arousal,and confusion which will ultimately break Tanya and force her to orgasm against her will..

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cult of Isis

A mysterious woman named Goldie Blair arrives in Parker City. She moves into a log cabin on a remote street surrounded by forest. Local residents slowly become aware of her existence, wondering what could have brought her to their quiet town. Speculation runs rampant. Housewives gossip relentlessly. Their husbands cast furtive, wistful, admiring glances in Goldie's direction whenever possible, almost as if the phantasm of an alternate life path - the path not taken - is beckoning their senses. The thin veneer of civility amongst the inhabitants of Parker City begins to disintegrate. Sister Tanya of the Young Ladies' Catholic Academy knows she must act quickly in order to protect both the family values and the moral fabric of her community. She pays Goldie a visit. Someone should have warned her not to drink the water. The nun politely accepts a beverage from her hostess, blithely unaware that Goldie has cast a powerful spell upon it. Magical, glimmering particles cascade down Sister Tanya's throat as she sits atop a living room couch and takes her first sip of the fluid. Conversation commences but the nun feels increasingly lightheaded and disoriented. A treacherous tableau unfolds inside of her mind. Naked women dance in a woodland setting, spreading their legs with wild abandon as contrails of mist encircle and then release them. Through the haze Sister Tanya becomes more and more excited, gradually realizing that Goldie is licking her asshole. She musters all her strength to clear the fog from her head and push Goldie away from her. The seductress laughs. "I am a disciple for the Cult of Isis." Goldie declares with relish. "We bring converts into our religion by forcing them to orgasm against their wills." Goosebumps cover Sister Tanya's exposed body from head to toe. She shakes with a combination of terror and rage, determined to defend her virginity, the Catholic faith, and her hometown by utilizing any means necessary.. 

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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Lesbian Damnation

Two separate eyewitness accounts place ubervillainness Lesbia (played by Francesca Le) within the gates of Parker City. An iron fist of terror grips the heart of Mayor Nancy. Ample documentation of Lesbia's last scourge of violence - which resulted in the homosexual defilement of thousands of female citizens - still lingers in the vaults of City Hall. From a darkened twelfth floor office the mayor fruitlessly, feverishly attempts to contact elusive superheroine Moral Woman (played by Tanya Danielle.) Hours pass. Gradually the sun replaces the moon in the sky, encapsulating the city in a bright, orange glow. Contrails of mist drift past the spires of only the tallest downtown structures. Inspiration hits Mayor Nancy like a sledgehammer. She places a phone call. Sister Tanya, longtime religious ally of the Superheroine Sisterhood, answers on the third ring. She listens carefully to the politician's strident, albeit slightly slurred, words and pretends not to notice the tinkling of ice cubes in the background. With reassuring solemnity Sister Tanya promises to do everything in her power to locate Moral Woman. Mayor Nancy drops the receiver back into its cradle and passes out at her desk. She has unwittingly conducted the entire conversation on a tapped phone line, thus revealing the exact whereabouts of Sister Tanya to the forces of evil. Lesbia and her cohorts now lay the foundation for a fiendish plot which will entrap Sister Tanya and force her to lead them to their desired prey: Moral Woman. (This hardcore superheroine-themed sexfight video contains punching, hair pulling, breast mauling, wrestling holds, facesitting, pussy licking, ass eating, and forced orgasm.)

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Den of Equity

Summer Cummings brings her rich banker date home. He's hoping to get lucky with his hot date, but she surprises him with a swift kick to the groin and her demands for a million dollars to be transferred into her account immediately. He gets beaten senseless and smothered by the sexy Summer, will he give up the cash?

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Star Trek Sexfight

Dr. Goldie Blair is looking after a patient, Ensign Michael, in sickbay. Michael confesses to the doctor that he has long been infatuated with the Captain of the Enterprise, Tanya Danielle. Dr. Blair feels her face begin to color as she tries to suppress the anger rising in her soul. She has long harbored resentment towards Captain Danielle. Without considering her actions the doctor suddenly whips out a phaser and forces Ensign Michael to submit to a blowjob. She cannot resist this opportunity to have first dibs at something the captain might want. Everyone on the crew knows that Captain Danielle has a voracious sexual appetite. After the shocked Michael ejaculates in her mouth Dr. Blair hears someone approaching. She hurriedly covers her patient and straightens her clothing. To her surprise Captain Danielle strides through the door. The captain complains of a sore back so Dr. Blair begins administering a massage treatment. As she lies atop one of the beds Captain Danielle notices that Michael is in the sickbay as well. She asks him why he is there. Michael has no time to answer before Dr. Blair grabs her phaser, points it at the captain, and reveals to the captain that Michael lusts after her. Without waiting for a response the doctor orders Captain Danielle to suck Michael off and swallow his cum. The captain does so with no protest, but she seethes inwardly with the knowledge that Dr. Blair is controlling the situation and forcing her to take orders. Immediately after satisfying Michael the captain grabs his phaser and aims it at Dr. Blair. The phaser misfires so the captain lunges at the doctor who then loses control of her own weapon. Thus begins an outrageous battle for dominance in which both ladies end up completely naked. Michael looks on in amazement as Tanya and Goldie unknowingly grope, finger, and squeeze each others' titties and pussies. Slowly but surely their violent wrestling turns into frenzied sexual lust and both women explode with their own much-needed orgasms! Only one question remains in the aftermath of this violent sexual encounter: which woman will end up controlling the Enterprise?? Buy Now

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Bitch Goddess Destruction

Adventurous Amber Michaels has bought her husband, Mason, a private match with Tanya Danielle for Christmas. Mason has a "thing" for Tanya and has wanted to wrestle her for a long time. Amber and Mason both believe that Mason is going to get an easy, sexy romp around the ring with the statuesque blonde on this sunny December morning. Tanya has other ideas and is in full Bitch Goddess mode when she climbs over the ropes wearing nothing more than a skimpy bikini and a sultry smirk on her face. The ringing of a bell signals the beginning of the first round. The wrestlers move in and lock up. Tanya immediately takes control. Mason sees the fierce determination blazing in her eyes and feels the pain as she takes him to the canvas and locks her muscular thighs around his neck in an excruciatingly tight figure four head scissors. Male pride swells within him and he responds with every ounce of courage that his body has to offer. Amber shoots photos of the unfolding carnage, uncertain whether she should be cheering for her husband or for the brutal, awesome strength of the woman who is seeking to rob him of his manhood.. (This match contains rib cage body scissors, full nelsons, figure four head scissors, hand-over-mouth smother, sleeper holds, grapevine pins, front choke holds, wristlocks, test of strength, breast smothers, facesitting, begging, and foot-on-face victory pose.) Buy Now

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Blonde Stripper Battle

From Tanya Danielle's Catfight Diary: "Kristal Summers and I had plans to get together this past Friday night. I called her an hour before she was supposed to pick me up and told her that I was feeling sick and wanted to stay home. As always, Kristal displayed her sweet nature by expressing her concern and inquiring if I would like her to bring anything to my bedside. 'No, thank you.' I replied in a weak voice, making it a point to sniffle a few times. 'I'll be OK. Right now I just need to sleep. Hopefully my fever will be lower in the morning.' Kristal made me promise to call her immediately if I started feeling any worse. I agreed, hung up the phone, and then returned to my bathroom where I finished touching up my makeup. Thirty minutes later I was walking into the club where Kristal and I both dance. I felt capital, particularly since I knew that Kristal had canceled her shift when she and I had made our original plans for the evening. It was Friday night and now I was guaranteed to make bank since I would be the only busty blonde on the shift! Sure enough I raked in the dough and returned home very happy at around 3am on Saturday morning. At 7am someone started pounding relentlessly on my front door. I tried to ignore it, but after five minutes of steady banging I finally got out of bed and looked through the peephole. Kristal was standing on my front porch with an irate expression on her face. She never gets mad. I opened the door. She glared at me. I tried to look puzzled. 'Let's settle this in the ring.' she said with the closest thing to anger that I had ever heard in her voice. 'What are you talking about?' I asked. 'Settle what? What are you doing here?' She looked at me with complete disgust. I could sense the potent combination of contempt and moral superiority that was roiling in her gut. All of a sudden I realized that I was behaving like an imbecilic coward. 'All right, all right.. ' I said, waving my hands in the air to ward off her unspoken accusations. 'I tricked you into canceling your Friday shift so I could work all night with no competition whatsoever. It was crappy of me to do it, but.. ' My words trailed off. Really, there was no justification for my actions. Kristal kept staring at me. I sighed. 'Look, I'm sorry.' I said. 'I deceived you and I also deceived myself into thinking that I was just telling a few harmless white lies. Now I see that I could have seriously compromised our friendship by thinking only of my own financial gain. I really am sorry. Will you forgive me?' Kristal leaned in close to me. 'Will I forgive you?' she replied mockingly. 'I might forgive you. Maybe I'll be in a more forgiving mood after I take your 'harmless white lies' and shove them up your fat, white ass!'.. Those are fighting words when spoken by a tanned, toned, blonde goddess like Kristal. My pulse started to race. On our way to the ring it occurred to me to wonder whether I was hung over or just still drunk from the night before. Of course I don't want anyone to think that I am making excuses for what happened later during our battle.. " Buy Now